Friday, March 13, 2009 many years is enough?

I finished up 4 years of blogging last week on Thursday.
As each year comes and goes, I wonder, how
much longer will I be doing this?

There are times I think I have nothing to say,
and even wrote the word, nothing ,years ago,
because that is all I had... Nothing.

I try not to get burnt out, by not doing
holidays, and weekends, unless I have a
picture to post.

But next year is going to be 5 years. And I
think 5 years is really enough. I don't know
what the average time of a blog is. I know a
lot of them drop out in the first year or two.
But there are others who have been going
for a lot longer than mine.

So I guess, I will see when next March 5th
comes rolling by, to see where I am at mentally.
Will it still be fun? Will people still come to read?
I don't have much of a following, about an average
of 25. And they change from time to time. None
of my children read this. I have a few friends, who
check in from time to time, as they have told me,
it is their way of see how I am doing.

We will see...


Bay Views said...

I for one, would like to see you continue. I don't always check your site, since much of the time, DFO fronts it. You write good interesting introspective posts. We need you.

MarmiteToasty said...

CONGRATS ON THE 4 years, cripes thats loads long.... but, since Ive been reading you, you have inspired and educated and made me laff and also made me shudder..... cant imagine the blob world or my world even now without you....

so dont bloody stop :)