Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Class Action Suits

Have you gotten letters of legal class action suits?

Over the years I have gotten several. A couple of them
I didn't even know the companies until I read deeper into
the paper work and found out the company being sued was
a parent company of the defaulting company.

One time I just signed the papers and sent them in,
even though I had no desire to sue this company.
But thought maybe some where there was one who
thought a class suit would needed. And I did collect
with all the rest. I received a check for 58 cents. I held
it and laughed... I don't think I even cashed it. As it seem
absurd. It cost more for the secretary to make up the
checks and not to mention the postage, although
it was about 12 cents about then. So now I just shred
the paper. The ones I have seen have been for nonsense.
I had no problem with the company of the past, so why
even sign up for it. If anything I would have wrote something
to that effect for the company.

The other one is the ones advertising on television.
The ambulance chasing type of lawyers who want
to suit the 4 wheelers makers and etc.. Listing all the
different types of injuries that one might have gotten.
What about the people who were riding those 4 wheelers?
What were they doing just before the accident. Where is their

Who gets the money? I would say the class action
lawyers would be the winners there.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Funny. We recently got about $100 from one such suit that we didn't even know we were involved in!

PinkAcorn said...

You should read The King of John Grisham. I don't care fdor his endings but this bool explains the big business of tort claims. I'm in the wrong business....