Friday, March 20, 2009

Storing your adult kids stuff....

How many of you, still have your adult
children's things stored at your house?
College kids don't count unless they have
been in college 8 or more years.

My kids have been gone for about 20 years
or more. Yet, I still find something that I still
have of my adult children. I have a small stool
that belongs to one child. And a living room
table, that another built in high school. He
has been out of high school since 1986.

I have offered these many times. But for one
reason or another, I still have them. They
brought a car (too small to take them). I
have too much stuff in the vehicle to take
it. And even us, with, we brought the car,
so couldn't bring it down. We live 8 hours
away, so it isn't an easy task to do.

I have finally, a few years ago, went thru
pictures, and made up albums for them,
of their childhood. Pictures of themselves,
and also included their siblings in each
of their books. Gave their birth certificates
after they got settle or married. Only sent
copies up until then, when they needed the

Just when I think I have all their stuff with
them... I find something else, as I have gone
thru boxes I have stored in the garage or some

So how are you doing? Does your adult child
have all their stuff out of your house?


MLove said...

Hi, Cis.

Amen. They seem to think it's important to stay where their roots are. I think it's pretty universal, although I don't remember leaving any of my stuff at home. Didn't have a lot to leave, come to think of it.

MarmiteToasty said...

My Tom has been left home just a month and still his stuff is everywhere, when I say, when ya gonna take the rest of your stuff Tom, he says, but mum, most of it lives here, this is still me home LOL....


PinkAcorn said...

Heck, I'm in my middish 50's and still have stuff at my parents place and so do my is a form of attachment for me...

Dogwalkmusings said...

I like Pink Acorn's response. I must admit I had been guilty up until my Mom passed away. Good intentions aside, I was just too lazy to pick up my belongings knowing I ought to get rid of things past and didn't really want to. Most of it remains in my loft even today.